Traditional African religion

This section is dedicated to the culture and history of the African religion

Virtue and vice

As stated by a few of them, the ultimate deity Amman generated the moon and sun only like the potter generates things out of clay. Sunlight is reddish, surrounded with means of a coil of turns of reddish aluminum, as well as the moon exactly the exact same coil of whitened aluminum. Amman hauled clay chunks in to the distance that converted to celebrities, and also a huge clod of clay which required the sort of the lady figure and also turned into the planet earth.

Harmonising nature with the supernatural

From the urban myths of these individuals of Africa, every one of the fundamental themes feature of virtually any mythology have been symbolized: cosmogony and theology, the development of man and the looks at the area of passing, the utilization of their god demiurge along with also the pantheon of the gods that are poorer cultural personalities and tricksters. A lot of the urban myths are etiological in character that they make clear the arrangement of this world, atmospheric and cosmic happenings.

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