How to write a good geography essay

Writing essays is a real challenge for some students. For others, it is nothing but a scariest nightmare. All pupils can write, however, it is really challenging for some of them. Composing essays is an essential skill one needs to master if he wants to succeed in studying. Luckily, this is the skill one can learn. You need just to follow the provided tips and allot some time for practice. Asking your teacher or your peer to check your work might also help. Just arrange the words in such an order so that the text could have sense.


The common guideline is the following abbreviation: WWW - WHAT, WHERE, WHY. These titles should create the basis upon which you write your geography research papers.

WHAT: this can be a number of comments including their development.

For instance: weather modification refers to the total changes in temperature, rains, the speed of the wind, mostly as a result of human actions. These actions have triggered a warming, however, the changes can be much more significant.

Each section of your case study on geography should indicate the subject you’re discussing. Each issue should logically flow from the previous one. This may help you in gaining points for coherence.

WHERE: here you present a location or an example

This ought to be a good example of the subject under discussion. In case the issue entails a map or photo, the location needs to be provided as a six figure reference.

WHY: Explaining the point. Pay attention to this question, as a lot of students lose marks here.

Any description must be arranged and explained logically. For instance: the utilization of Biofuels being an alternative energy source might not be the panacea. Although this energy generates significantly less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels it can result in a turning down of foods production. You pick any article on geography and check how the issues are explained there. This would be a great sample for you.

Priceless tips on paper writing

If you feel that you really need geography coursework help, look through the provided tips. They deal with the issues that cause problems the most often.

  • Mind the coherence. Make sure the paragraphs are linked logically and support each other.

  • Forget about using the first person in your project. Using "I" is the common problem among the students that leads to the low grade.

  • You have to be objective. You shouldn’t just say that this or that thing is good or bad. Besides, all your arguments need to be supported by evidence.

  • Choose the interesting topic. Or the topic you understand thoroughly.

Below you will find some technical tips that will improve your essay:

  • Your sentences need to be short, since you may easily make some grammar mistakes while writing long complex sentences. It is always better to write several short sentences than one long expression.

  • Make sure the paragraphs are not too long as well. It will be much easier for everyone if you dedicate one paragraph to one specific topic. This topic should be clearly described. However, it may take several paragraphs.

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