How to write Political Science Essay


Limited deadlines can make you proceed writing a political science paper as soon as possible, but you will need to conduct some research first. If you've been lucky to opt for the topic of your essay, or you were given a list of topics to choose from, you have probably chosen the matter you have a good understanding of. Nonetheless, you can be assigned a specific topic, which is unfamiliar to you. In such situation, you'll need to allot some time for familiarizing with the subject.

First of all, you need to conduct some background research which will help you to understand the main ideas and concepts. All this will help in providing your argument. It’s better to search for the newest materials. You may find a political science reviewer that will give you some general information. But such data can be presented only in the introduction section. For further writing, it will be necessary to find more specific materials. Do not forget to cite all the books and articles you are going to use.


Carefully choose the sources

The reliability of used sources and the material for supporting your arguments is a key factor that determines the quality of your case study in political science. Much higher marks receive the work which is based on valuable resources. That is why it’s recommended to avoid such sources as unreliable websites and outdated books.

Your arguments need to be necessarily supported, and the best way for doing this is citing the respected scholars, academics or politicians. However, keep in mind that you cannot fully rely only on other’s viewpoints; you also have to provide your own opinion, otherwise, your risk to lose points. Try not to replace your ideas and viewpoints by other people’s thoughts. Try to keep your work balanced, provide your ideas and support them with the conclusions of famous scholars.

Make a Plan

The research you provide at the very beginning should make you consider some basic suggestions for the arguments you will generate in the article. Having these tactics in mind is usually a good idea for planning a rough structure of your piece of writing. It should be made up of the key information that you wish to provide together with the supporting information and all the data that you’re going to use. Planning is a great thing since it teaches you how to organize your thoughts. Also, you will see which areas need more attention. Besides, if you truly master this skill, adding it into your political science cover letter will give you additional points since it is really valuable.

Useful tips

It is a hard task to make your essay interesting for the audience and at the same time keep it formal and factual. You shouldn’t use jargon and clichés. Also, carefully check your project for punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

One more great thing that will help you in evaluating your paper is reading aloud or giving it to your parents or friends. They will check the work objectively and tell you whether there are confusing parts or errors.